What We Do
everything iPhone, iPad, and Android

Our process

Here at Rad Mobile Apps we have a passion for building software. Our engineers not only talk geek speak, but can also talk plain English to walk you through our process. Our first stage of the development process involves idea building and refinement. If you are a business looking to build mobile platform presence then our team will help you get started quickly. If you have your own ideas then we are more than happy to discuss them with you.

When we have the basic idea and concept down, we develop this into a software requirements specification to map out what we are going to build. This involves mock-ups and sketches of the application screens as well as samples of the themes and colours we plan to use. When you are happy with it all we get building!

Our build phase includes coding, artwork, sound, and app testing to build you a totally rad app for your market. We build across a number of devices so that your app is accessible by the largest audience. When our build is complete, we publish a beta (test version) to try out yourself to see if you are happy. Naturally we accept any feedback and incorporate it back into your app by making the changes you need. Your satisfaction matters to us, so we are happy to make revisions as needed.

The last step of our process includes publishing the app to the Apple app store and Android markets and taking it through the app approval process to ensure that it is accepted for publication. Once it is published we are more than happy to offer you a marketing strategy for the app if needed.